Vols Navy Boat Catches Fire, Sinks Before Vols Game

Vols Navy boat catches fire/via Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Facebook

What a day it was for Tennessee Vols fans. It started out early this morning when a Vols Navy boat caught fire and sank around 7 a.m. as fans were waking up on the Tennessee River to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and prepare for Georgia State. From there the day didn’t get much better.

There was halftime where a member of the Vols band passed out and the band played on around him. Then there was the 4th quarter when the Vols imploded and gave up 17 to Georgia State and lost a laugher 38-30. It would’ve looked much worse if it wasn’t for a late garbage touchdown. Think about that for a minute…a garbage touchdown made it look better.

From the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency:

TWRA wishes notify boaters coming to the UT football game by water that docking will be reduced by half due to recovery efforts and oil/gasoline cleanup after a boat fire this morning. If at all possible, avoid coming to today’s game by boat.
A 42′ cabin cruiser sank after catching fire at the Vol Navy docks this morning around 7 a.m. All four occupants escaped onto the dock without injury after unsuccessfully attempting to extinguish the flames with a fire extinguisher. The Knoxville Fire Department put the fire out and TWRA officers are awaiting Tow Boat U.S. to recover the wreckage.


Bad day for Vol Navy

Vols Band Member Passes Out During Halftime Performance
Vols Band Member Passes Out During Halftime Performance
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