Karaoke Clemens Was Back On The Mic For His Birthday

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How many years have I been at this Roger Clemens swag beat? 7 to 8 years? It’s been a long, long time and I’ve shown you pretty much all the swag that Roger could throw at you including multiple variations of cargo shorts, frosted tips, Buckle jeans, etc.

There also came a time during Roger’s retirement life where videos started popping up of the Rocket owning the karaoke booth. And I mean owns the booth. Literally takes it over at events. The guy loves a karaoke booth. Guess how Rocket celebrated his 57th birthday this weekend? He busted out his favorite, “Play that funky music” by Wild Cherry at TAO Chicago with one of his buddies who clearly has done this routine with Rocket in the past.


Apparently Rocket was in town for some baseball card collectors show…just look at the swag going on here:

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