Sean McVay’s Fiancee Appears Ready For The Season

I haven’t really bothered with the Veronika Khomyn, Sean McVay’s fiancee, content much this summer because I’ll be posting her so much over 17 to 24 weeks that I have to pump the brakes during the offseason. Turns out this was birthday week and it included a trip to Puerto Rico for a quick training camp with her girlfriends and now, according to IG Story, it looks like Veronika is leaving Sean (he’s busy breaking down tape anyway) and going home to Ukraine for a visit.

That’s right, it’s that time of year when the wives and girlfriends are pretty much forgotten about as these animals dig into what becomes 6 to 7 months of laser focus on pigskin and like another month after that of scouting before there’s a vacation. I’ve tracked Bill Belichick enough to know how he lives better than I know how my own brother lives life. Bill hunkers down in July after Nantucket, goes hard AF until he wins the Super Bowl, does the parade thing, then goes straight to the scouting circuit (Alabama, Clemson) and then sneaks in a trip with Linda before more scouting, then he goes to Florida and jumps on his renamed boat for some fishing and relaxation.

McVay is heading in that direction. Veronika will get her vacations, but she better be ready for like 30 years of traveling with her girlfriends for half the year.

Ain’t no laws, ladies:

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