Meet Katy Jo Raelyn – Dan Bilzerian Ignite Model–X/

I’ve preached it for a long time around here — if you want to get noticed these days on the Internet, you better differentiate yourself from all the other Instagram models pumping out the same content. You better use your brain to figure out an angle that these women haven’t thought of and then you better find a way to keep it fresh week in and week out.

Katy Jo Raelyn, whose bio says she’s from South Dakota, has been doing just that. This week I came across her because she started dabbling in golf content. Can she golf? I have no clue, but the minute she picks up a club or stands next to a golf cart, she officially enters that IG genre and it hits different radars. One look at what Katy Jo has been up to and I also learned that she’s doing work as an Ignite Bilzerian model. Of course she is. Dan’s not a fool, he knows IG talent when it crosses his phone while on his way to Iceland.

Now sitting at 295k IG followers, Katy Jo has plenty of room to grow the follower base. I don’t see a trip to Tulum or Santorini on her IG so there’s always that option for content. Maybe throw in Dubai.

What kind of content is Katy Jo pumping out that makes her different? How about below where she’s flashing at Mount Rushmore. Not many IG models going to the national monuments. It helps that she’s from South Dakota. Makes her super unique.

Add it all up and Katy Jo is officially worth a follow. 5-tool player for sure.

Bella Angel Still Going Strong With The Golf Influencing
Bella Angel Still Going Strong With The Golf Influencing
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