Bill Belichick’s Boat Already Renamed & Has New Stickers

via IG

That was fast. Bill Belichick’s Florida boat already has a new name and new stickers thanks to yet another Super Bowl victory. His old boat name, ‘VII Rings’ has been changed to ‘VIII Rings’ and will probably need yet another change in the next year or two once the Patriots win one more for Bill and Tommy before the two call it a career and slide off into the sunset together.

It must not be a pain in the ass to get new stickers for his boat, because Bill’s latest Super Bowl victory was 8 days ago and he had a parade and a Celtics game to attend up in Boston. He must have an assistant call his guys in Florida and just tell them to get on it immediately. If I’m Bill, I don’t even get on the boat until it’s renamed. My guess is he’s either now in Florida like most people in their 60s or he’s packing up and will be there very soon.

I got a call from my dad this morning and he made sure to tell me how humid it was on Marco Island/Naples. Such a hard life. Bill turns 67 in April so he’s right in the heart of his Florida years. Just out riding bikes, walking the beach, grabbing some sun on the back of the boat, showing off girlfriend Linda to all the old geezers who are married to women they can’t stand. It’s good to be Bill.

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