LeBron Officially The Worst AAU Parent

via BallIsLife

The title as Worst AAU Parent on the Planet used to belong to Lavar Ball, but after this weekend LeBron James has officially taken over the title after acting like a fool at a game in Vegas where his son, Bronny, was playing in one of the AAU tournaments you always hear about.

What if I told you LeBron also went through a layup line with his son’s team? He did. See below. This guy just can’t stand to sit there, be happy for his kids, celebrate without running on the court and acting like a fool. He can hate Lavar Ball all he wants, but he’s that guy and it’s a sad look. Of course the defenders will stop by and say I’m just some hating white guy who doesn’t understand the culture and doesn’t get summer basketball and to stop hating.

Guess it’s too much to ask to be a responsible fan and keep your celebrations off the court. This shouldn’t come as a surprise that this happened. Bron and his wife pretty much said they were going to do something like this.

Bron wrote last week on IG about Bronny nearly dunking in a game:

😳Getting closer and closer ladies and gentlemen😳 Be aware, be very aware!! Just hope it’s not you on the other end of a poster. Coming to a city near you. 🎥 🍿🤴🏾 #JamesGang👑 #ThekidfromAKRON🤴🏾 @bronny

And mom:

Yo….. SMH 🤦🏾‍♀️ #WhenItDropsImWalkingAcrossTheCourt #Periodt

“Just hope it’s not you on the other end of a poster,” LeBron wrote. Bronny James is 14, playing against kids of similar age and dad is pretty much trash talking kids playing against Bronny. What a time to be alive. Guess I just don’t get the culture.

As if acting like a fool & running on the court wasn’t a scream for attention, how about Bron joining the kids in the warmup line:


Had to flex out on the court…couldn’t do it in front of his seat:


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