Ohio Woman Arrested For DUI Driving To DUI Court Hearing

via Sandusky Police Department

Ohio Woman Courtney Green might have an issue with the booze, especially after she was arrested Thursday morning in Sandusky, Ohio for OVI (also known as a DUI, not sure why Ohio has to be difficult) and here’s the kicker — she was on her way to a OVI court hearing. That’s right, Courtney registered a BAC of .213.

And there’s more — Courtney had her two-year-old son in the car and that she’d had only one beer that morning. I know, I know, I know…none of it makes sense, but then again it’s an Ohio Woman we’re talking about here and if Ohio Woman is going to keep up with Florida Woman, she has to raise her game.

All kidding aside, thank god the kid is OK and can hopefully go live a life away from this nonsense.

From Fox 19:

A Sandusky woman was behind bars for driving with a .213% BAC with an open bottle of beer in the front and her 2-year-old son in the back on her way to her previous OVI court hearing, according to police.

The Sandusky Police Department said officers saw 25-year-old Courtney Green’s Ford Escape driving 45 in a 25 MPH zone on Cleveland Road on Thursday.

When officers stopped her in a parking lot off East Shoreway Drive, Police said Green told officers she wasn’t aware she was speeding.

According to police, Green had bloodshot, glassy eyes, slurred speech and slow, lethargic movements.

Cops report there was a Dadweiser on the floorboard. This appears to be a professional drinker we’re talking about here.

As always, innocent until proven guilty, but Courts was already in trouble for the other OVI so I’m not going to convict her here, but it’s not looking good. Time to get it together Courts before the courts yank your kid and the license for a couple years. You’re going to burn through so much cash taking Uber to the bars. Think about it.

Courtney in her element:

Old pic, but Courtney in her element…again:

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