Day 1 Of Training Camp Has Browns Fans Thinking Super Bowl

I’m all set for a huge Cleveland Browns season and that includes hotel reservations at the Hyatt in downtown Cleveland for AFC Championship weekend and Super Bowl Sunday night. Why would I do such a thing? Because the rooms are $119 for AFC title game weekend and $109 on Super Bowl Sunday. And free cancellation all the way up to like 48 hours before check-in. This is about as big of a no-brainer as it gets for someone like myself who cherishes fresh hot content.

One look at Odell on Day 1 at camp and Browns fans are thinking Super Bowl. This is the year. This is the team. Once-in-a-lifetime situation upcoming for these people. Think for a second how many people would be looking for hotel rooms if the Browns host the AFC title game. I’m talking people flying in from around the world. It would be insane. Meanwhile, I’m sitting on a 4-star room for both weekends. I like this feeling.

The haters will say the game will be in Kansas City or New England. That’s fine, I just hit cancel and sit at home watching the games with friends. Preemptive strike hotel reservations don’t mean that I think a game will be in a certain city, it’s just preparation.

My dream scenario is the Browns host the AFC title game, win, fans go absolutely insane in the streets, I clean up with content, the Browns go to the Super Bowl, Cleveland goes nuts for two weeks, then the Browns lose the Super Bowl, the fans are miserable and the journey begins all over again.

From another angle:

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