Scumbag Michigan Fan Wanted For Stealing 4 Cases Of Bud Light In Ohio

Michigan Fan stealing bud light

via Maumee Police Department

The Maumee, Ohio police department put out an all-points bulletin this morning for residents to be on the lookout for this scumbag Michigan fan whole stole four cases of Bud Light from a local liquor store. On top of being a scumbag, this Michigan fan has to be real stupid because of course the local police would get surveillance video and put that on Facebook.

Of course Ohio State fans were going to share TF out of the post and it didn’t take long today before cops had an ID on Scumbag Michigan Fan. Of course there will be those who say it’s an Ohio State fan trying to throw off the cops. Blah, blah, blah. Ohio State fans wouldn’t be caught on surveillance wearing any piece of Michigan gear while stealing beer.

Maumee is like 10 miles from the Michigan border. No way Ohio State fan would risk walking to his car in a Michigan hat with four cases of Bud Light and having one of his friends just happen to drive by. That would be the ultimate disastrous move around these parts.

There’s an Ohio State/Michigan store like four miles from this liquor store. It’s serious biz around here. Don’t wear your gear when you go to steal from a store.

Update: Suspect Identified.

Posted by Maumee Police Division on Wednesday, 24 July 2019

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