ECU Kylie Checks In From Massachusetts Flower Bed

The last time I checked in with ECU Kylie she was just graduating and about to get her summer started as a college educated Instagram model with just a hair under 80k Instagram followers. Now here we are in July and Kylie has added approximately 7,400 new followers and appears to be on her way to a 100k finish easy for the start of 2020.

And the crazy part of this bump up to nearly 90k followers is that Kylie has been pumping out content from Massachusetts, not the Caribbean, Tulum or Santorini like the desperate IG models. Kylie is a throwback. She can roll into Mass., take some pics — even in a flower bed — and guys go nuts over the content. I mean, look below at how Kylie’s amongst the wildflowers. You don’t see that out of many IG models.

I do have bad news for all of you guys sliding into the DMs. It appears Kylie has a boyfriend to contend with. I know, these days that doesn’t mean much. You’ll just have to raise your DM game to contend with this speedbump. More bad news…Jeff’s in pretty good shape.

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