Meet Raine Michaels – SI Swimsuit Model & Bret Michaels Daughter

Got this DM overnight: “Why haven’t you featured Raine Michaels yet?” That would be 19-year-old Raine Michaels, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and daughter of Poison front man Bret Michaels. Gotta be honest here, I barely paid attention to the SI swimsuit issue stuff this year, especially after my longtime Internet friend Andy Gray left SI.

But I’m the kind of blogger that, at this point, pretty much lets the audience program the content around here so I went out and dove into the Raine Michaels content. She’s sitting at 98.5k Instagram followers, which is pretty surprising considering Bret’s the dad and she had a spot in SI. IG will eventually catch up and Raine will be on a trajectory to be a Kate Upton-ish SI cover model if SI can keep the swimsuit issue going down the road.

The magazine has already sent Raine to Coachella to mingle with Gen Z and be a magazine influencer. There was also the Miami trip with the rest of the SI ladies and it appears Raine is the next great thing in the bikini/Miami/magazines-before-they-fully-die-off world.

As for dad, he’s proud of his daughter doing the modeling thing, but he makes sure to mention that Raine will be going back to school to continue getting an education. Just think of a late 1980s Bret Michaels encouraging a college education over the modeling partying scene. Wild times.

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