You’re Mad At Brooks Koepka Because You’re Jealous

Brooks Koepka busted out a truth bomb that you guys didn’t want to hear at a British Open press conference where he told the assembled media that he doesn’t practice before regular tournaments and inferred that regular tournaments are his practice for major championships. “When you see me on TV, that’s when I play golf,” Koepka told the Big Js.

Listen, I know why this makes you furious. It’s because golf is this impossible game to master and you think it takes all this work to get really good to where a player is capable of winning tournaments. And then it takes even more work to win major tournaments. And putting practice. And range practice. Etc. Etc. When Brooks Koepka says he’s not practicing for some random tournament, it burns you deep inside.

You sense it’s arrogance. You think he’s being a dick. He’s a smart ass. Guys, let’s cut to the chase here — you wish you had Brooks Koepka’s life and there’s nothing wrong with admitting that. He has the titles, he has the God-given talent to not practice for regular tournaments, he has Jena Sims, he’s ranked No. 1 in the world, he has free time on his hands, he’s rich, has a great house, uses private jets, vacations in the greatest locations. There’s probably a few other things I’m missing.

Oh yeah, his 2019 has looked like this: Masters (2nd), PGA Championship (won it) and U.S. Open (2nd). Not bad, Brooks.

It’s OK to admit that’s why you can’t stand Koepka and this constant perception that he doesn’t really like golf. It’s no different than the guy making $300,000 doing whatever, living a great life and hating every minute of his job. Maybe the $300k guy likes the work trips to conventions where he gets awards to hang on the wall, get wasted with his buddies in the biz and eat some nice food. Then he goes home to his day-to-day life and hates it with a passion.

So Brooks eliminated things that irritate him about his job – practice before random tourneys. He’s earned that right. He’s created his own path and it pisses you off to no end because you haven’t been able to do that in your own life.

Why can’t Brooks just be humble about it all?

Maybe you should listen to the honesty of what he’s saying about his life and apply it to yours. Maybe you should eliminate something that’s not satisfying to you. Maybe eliminate the time(s) you hang around jerkoffs who are worried about what they drive, where they live and how much they make. Maybe you should raise your garage door and grill in your driveway and offer your neighbors food and beers while watching a game on the garage TV and shoot the shit a little bit. No politics, no salary chatter.

Do you hate your marriage that happened because you dated her in college & got pressured into it right after graduating? Get a divorce. Do you hate the massive car payment you keep paying so people think you’re super successful and have your shit together? Eliminate it & get a used pickup truck, haul mulch once a year, feel alive. The massive house? Sell it. Get one in a fun neighborhood where people go outside.

Guys, we’re all going to die. I hate to remind you of that. Stop hating the guy who, at 29, has figured out what works for him. Be like Brooks and get happy for once.

Brooks isn’t even returning Tiger’s calls:

Troubling Times For Big Baller Brand?
Troubling Times For Big Baller Brand?
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