Troubling Times For Big Baller Brand?

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There’s that old saying that there’s an idiot born every minute or something like that. The real idiots out there were the idiots that bought the Big Baller Brand at retail price and didn’t wait until the clearance sale, reportedly held at a volleyball tournament, featuring the BBB $100 deal that includes shoes, hoodie, t-shirt & socks. One Ben Franklin & you could be living the Baller life.

It’s also a bad time to be alive if you invested in BBB shoes and are trying to sell them for $270 on eBay. This news that BBB is dumping product at such low prices has to feel like a gut punch right now. Word will get out that BBB is dead and the liquidation is happening. The eBay market is going to crash. Imagine being the idiot that bought BBB mineral water on eBay for $15. Bad bad times.

Or maybe it’s just time to clear the warehouse for new Lonzo Pelicans-inspired gear. I’m guessing the golden days are behind Lavar and the crew, but we’ll have to sit back and see…like those who paid for shoes and are still waiting.

Customer service seems to be lacking at BBB:

Word on the street is that the site has been like this for a few months:

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