Meet Pete Alonso’s Girlfriend – Haley Walsh

Pete Alonso’s girlfriend Haley Renee is going to have a big night on Instagram, especially if Pete can mash enough bombs during the MLB Home Run Derby to win it all & send guys into a frenzy on Instagram over Haley. That’s how this works, guys. An athlete takes the big stage, the girlfriend cleans up on Instagram. I have an honorary doctorate in this field of work.

Pete comes into the Derby with 30 dongs through 89 game. That’s one behind Christian Yelich and in a tie for second with Cody Bellinger for second in MLB. This is officially Pete’s coming out party and he’s pretty much all that Mets fans have to cheer for these days. Now it’s time for Pete to deliver and jump on a stardom rocket ship.

As for Hayley, she’s a Michigan State grad and it turns out I blogged about her in 2016, but I don’t remember it. That’s back when Pete was in the College World Series. Now they’re back and Hayley, sitting at 15k Instagram followers, is about to clean up. It’s go time in Cleveland.

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