Alabama Man Posts Video With His Alleged Meth-Using Attack Squirrel, Says The Squirrel Isn’t On Meth

via Mickey Paulk/Facebook

Mickey Paulk, the Alabama Man cops were looking for on drug charges & for also allegedly possessing a meth-using attack squirrel, fired up Facebook Live Tuesday night to show the world that the alleged meth-using attack squirrel is back in his possession and Mickey issued denials that he fed meth to the animal.

“…that squirrel has been bottle-fed I’ve had him since he was a few hours old feeding every 2 hours raise it like it was my own,” Paulk said on one of his posts. In a Facebook Live video, Paulk explains how he returned to the residence where police found the squirrel and his prized pet was up in a tree squeaking and the two were reunited.

From the AP:

Mickey Paulk posted the video on his Facebook page Tuesday night as authorities continued searching for him. It shows him stroking a rodent that he indicates was the same one seized during a search and then released by authorities.

“You can’t give squirrels meth; it would kill ’em. I’m pretty sure, (but) I’ve never tried it,” he said.

He said the squirrel, which he kept as a pet, was safe and not a threat to anyone.

From Paulk on Facebook where he accuses the police of trying to kill his pet squirrel by releasing it into the wild:

So all they really did was try to kill him. But I pulled up and whistled and he jumped on my shoulder. He’s a little shook up by the whole incident. The real criminal here the one that’s trying to falsify charges and her little squirrels slander people’s names well it ain’t me .

It also seems the earlier reports of Paulk being a drug dealer don’t seem to be correct. Looks like he was just an alleged meth user with some meth gear, but at this point the police are taking it on the chin now that Paulk has been reunited with his squirrel so this case will probably be thrown out and the squirrel will be able to go on living its best life.

Here’s the video Paulk posted from an undisclosed location as the cops continue to search for him:

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