‘I Eat Ass’ Florida Man Fights Back, GoFundMe Started, Now Selling ‘I Eat Ass’ Apparel

via GoFundMe

Remember the ‘I Eat Ass’ Florida Man who I blogged about last week and how he was arrested because he wouldn’t modify his ‘I Eat Ass’ sticker on his Chevy? Of course Dillon Webb has turned all the attention from his arrest into a moneymaking opportunity as he battles it out with a sheriff’s department even though all charges have been dropped against him.

Webb’s not letting this go so easily. There’s a GoFundMe to cover Dillon’s costs from going to jail and missing work. $1,300 of the $15,000 goal has been raised by those who feel like Webb got the raw end of the deal when a cop got all bent out of shape over the sticker.

From GoFundMe:

This is being set up to directly benefit Dillon Shane Webb. He is the person that was just arrested and then released for standing up for his and our 1st amendment right of freedom of speech by having a sticker on his truck that says “I EAT ASS”. It is all over the news and we would like to have this get some more traction as there to help him pay for his cost of having to pay for a 2500$ bond, over 200$ for having his truck towed, time from missed work and to pay for a lawyer to represent him against this Sheriff for standing up for his rights as well as yours.

Webb’s selling his I Eat Ass stickers for $6 and classic t-shirts for $22. You can even get a Samsung phone case from your new hero for $20.


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