Browns Fan Hangs Baker Mayfield Banner From M&T Bank Stadium

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I’ve told you guys time and time again that I can’t get enough of what Browns fans are cooking up now that they’re pretty much going to win 5-6 Super Bowls over the next 10 years and send like 4-5 guys to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. There’s no rest for these Browns fans and that was reinforced today as Browns fan decided to hang a Baker Mayfield banner at M&T Bank Stadium while doing some work on the home of the Baltimore Ravens.

Here I am just going through the motions on a slow Tuesday looking for something to spice up the day and then I see a banner hanging off M&T. First thought — Photoshop. Bloggers have to be on high alert when it comes to anything with the Browns. That led to a deeper search for confirmation that this is the real deal, that Baker is hanging off the building.

And there it is…the Browns fan worker with his piece of art. I’ve been at this job a long time and it doesn’t get much better than a perfect prank from a guy working on a stadium. Remember way back in 2008 when a Red Sox worker buried a Sox jersey under Yankee Stadium?

Great job, Browns fan. You & Baker should never have trouble getting a free drink in Cleveland.

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