Surveillance Video: Pacman Jones Capping A Bet At Indiana Casino

via TMZ

At this point it’s nearly impossible to believe Pacman Jones when he claims he’s been done wrong by the police. That ship has sailed. So when the initial video came out where Pacman was going TF off on Rising Sun casino police, I figured Pac was guilty. Now comes the video showing Pac adding to his blackjack bet, or capping the bet.

From TMZ:

The problem? Jones got caught … and even though he eventually gave back the dirty money — the situation escalated into a violent affair.

Jones clearly became irate, put his hands directly in officials’ faces … and even gave them the finger just inches from their noses!!!

Let’s not forget this incident became the second time Pac (allegedly) told cops to “suck my d*ck.” And now we have the incriminating evidence that cops didn’t do anything wrong here. Watch the full video. You can see Pac getting angry.

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Pac, who is now 35, played in seven games for the Broncos in 2018 before being released on November 20. It appears the end is here for a guy who was sentenced to 10 days in jail and his probation will include a booze ban for a year and a half. His Instagram is history and I’m fairly confident he’s never been on Twitter. I hate to say this is the last time we’ll hear from Pac for a long time, but unless he goes off the rails, it’s going to be a long, quiet period for a guy who’s normally good for a headline at least every six months.

This is a good time to remember a better Pacman moment when he dropped the airline worker who wanted to be a hero:

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