Meet Stephanie Niles – Jake Browning’s Girlfriend

Zach wrote in today about NFL Draft Pick quarterbacks girlfriends and wanted Vikings undrafted free agent Jake Browning‘s girlfriend Stephanie Niles added to the list of the ladies who’ll be entering their rookie season as girlfriends and wives.

It’s easy for a guy like Jake Browning to go under the radar since he was playing up in Seattle and, to be honest, he had a rather boring college career that included a 24-7 loss to Bama in the College Football Playoff and a Rose Bowl loss to Ohio State. Then you forget about Browning. But Zach’s out there keeping track of things and said I better be aware that Stephanie Niles, given the chance in 2019, just might be a Girlfriend Rookie of the Year candidate.

What’s Stephanie’s story? Looks like she went to the University of Washington and enjoys the Coachella lifestyle. You know, just living it up during the social media era. It appears she might’ve done a little of the modeling thing. Other than that she seems fun on Twitter and just needs Jake to make the roster to become a household Internet name.

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