Johnny Says ‘Sorry’ To His Estranged Wife On Her Birthday

Poor Johnny. It’s a rough look to be on an apology tour to your estranged (or maybe ex-wife now, I have no idea if they’ve made it legal yet) via Instagram on her birthday. How serious is Johnny taking this apology tour? He turned off the comments on the ‘sorry’ IG, which clearly indicates that John is taking this one fairly serious.

Johnny writes:

HBD B. There would be no life for me without you having come into mine. Through everything we’ve overcome I just want to say I’m sorry. For not being there more and doing what I can to make you truly happy. You deserve it all and then some. Love ya for life

You might remember back in March when Bre broke down in the IG comments and said she’d done so much to “keep that Fukin man ALIVE.” It was a real tough look for John Dogg. Then he did the whole bit on the Dan Patrick show where he claimed he’d like to be called John, then a bunch of blogs headlined it, but it was all just a John Being John bit…hahahahaha lololololol.

And here we are with a man wanting to show he’s sorry on IG. It’s Los Angeles, these two will probably be back together for MDW.

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