Sean McVay Looking Great At Churchill Downs

It’s Oaks Day at Churchill Downs as all the big timers from the world of sports and entertainment act like they are big time horse racing fans, but they’re actually just wanting to be seen looking all hot before heading off to Derby parties that go down later tonight. Speaking of hot, the first member of the sports elite I came across today was none other than Sean McVay looking all perfect with perfect hair and the perfect length on the beard.

Of course Veronika was looking decent herself. Just a power couple that has the NFL by the balls doing their thing in Kentucky creating content for the Gram. Yes, Tom Brady is there today looking Keto AF and Baker Mayfield’s there looking all Amish, but as you guys know by now I’m all about McBae.

Others in attendance: Warren Moon…watch out ladies, he’s prowling like usual; Larry Fitzgerald looking ready to catch 75 passes. You get the idea, it’s the usual characters.

via Veronika K./IG Story via Veronika K./IG Story

Couple other football guys in the suites today…Jeff Ruby knows everybody:

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