Johnny Manziel’s Wife Bre Tiesi Sounds Like She’s Done With Her Husband

It appears Johnny Manziel’s wife, Bre Tiesi, is definitely done with her husband if you decode her responses on Instagram where a clearly frustrated Tiesi went off on a woman for asking if she had a prenup with the AAF-employed quarterback and oil money inheriting Manziel. That sent Tiesi, who was apparently a successful Instagram model before meeting Manziel, into a frenzy of comments where she claims she went through some things to “keep that Fukin man ALIVE.”

Annnnnnnnddddd that should just about do it. I guess TMZ can go looking for divorce proceedings unless time apart — Johnny is now residing in Memphis for his AAF assignment — does the couple good and they work out their differences. Like I’ve said before, all sorts of credit for cleaning up Johnny should go to Tiesi. He started living with her a couple years ago and changed his whole appearance from what looked like a drug addict back to normal human. They had their dogs, Johnny quit acting like he was one of Drake’s roadies and he became boring.

Maybe he found out that’s not how he wants to live. Maybe we’re about to get the old Johnny back. We’ll have to see, but looking at these comments, Johnny won’t have a wife along for the ride.

Drama Brewing Between Johnny Manziel & His Wife?
Drama Brewing Between Johnny Manziel & His Wife?
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