Sione Takitaki Was Trying To Take A Dump When Browns Picked Him

You know why I’m already a fan of Sione Takitaki, the BYU linebacker and Browns 3rd round draft pick? Because he admitted to the media that he was sitting down to take a dump when John Dorsey called buddy boy and told him the Browns were picking him. Are you kidding me? If a guy admits he was sitting down to take a steamer, I’m going to root for him even though I’m a Bengals fan.

Sione said:

“I went to use the restroom and as I sat on the toilet, I got a call and I jumped right up and didn’t have to use the restroom anymore.”

He’s one of us. Relatable. has John Dorsey’s draft graded as an A-, but, like usual, it’s hard to find one of these draft experts that will actually rip a team. Now all these experts are worried they’ll lose a ‘source’ if they give a team a D-grade. Kiper also gave the Browns an A-.

And yes, Sione is married:

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