Giants GM Dave Gettleman Thinks He Saw Dwayne Haskins Play In Big 12 Title Game

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I’m not a huge expert on Giants GM Dave Gettleman and his press conferences so excuse me if this is a regular thing where Dave is all confused on things like which conference Ohio State plays in. Dave and Pat Shurmur held a press conference late Thursday to talk about taking Daniel Jones and the simple question came up for Dave about when he knew this Daniel Jones guy out of Duke was his pick.

That led to Dave rambling on about seeing Jones play, blah, blah, blah, Senior Bowl, blah, blah, blah…and then Dave starts talking about seeing Dwayne Haskins play in the Big 12 title game. Dave catches himself, looks at Shurmur, tries to figure out if that’s the conference Ohio State plays in and then shakes it off as if he’s a New York radio host that cannot care less about stupid details like that.

Let’s go to the transcript (full video here – Dave really gets rambling at the 4:52 mark):

And then, as if the Big 12 thing wasn’t enough to think Dave is either braindead or just really tired, Dave then goes on to say that he was in “full bloom love” after watching Daniel Jones play three series at the Senior Bowl where“Pass rush games are prohibited at all times. Only four rushers allowed, no 5-man pressures or blitzes from secondary permitted.”

That’s right, Dave fell into full bloom love watching a guy face zero pressure. God help the Giants fans who’ve watched beloved Odell get traded away along with Olivier Vernon.

Keep this in mind:

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