Never Forget What The Draft Experts Said Before Browns Took Baker Mayfield

Listen, if you trust anything you ‘hear’ from NFL Draft experts, you’re a complete sucker. Let me spell it out for you: S-U-C-K-E-R. Anyone that tells you they’re ‘hearing’ has an agenda to raise his/her brand so that his/her social channel gains some steam and can hopefully become profitable to a company that will hire that person/brand to then tweet that company’s content to you so it can profit off you being a complete sucker.

I don’t care if it’s Peter King, Ian Rapoport, Schefty, Mike Silver or some other InsiderĀ® that has to peddle this stuff to keep you horned up and watching/clicking on content. You want to trust a guy? Follow Jay Glazer. Now there’s a guy who rarely blows himself as an expert and doesn’t put out 50 tweets a day proclaiming to know everything going on in the NFL. Glazer is busy pumpin’ iron, slammin’ grilled chicken breast off the grill grates & chugging some protein drink to be on Twitter all day making sure you know he’s a genius. Jay is soaking up California, probably chatting up the ladies a little bit and living a great life. Fox seems to be fine with that and in turn, he’s my guy.

You want proof that you shouldn’t trust what these blowhards are pumping into your brain? Go back to the 2018 NFL Draft when the Cleveland Browns held the No. 1 overall pick and had a huge need at quarterback. Cleveland radio genius Ken Carman kept track of everything that was being pumped into your veins and looking back it’s shameful.

Seriously, all you need is a blue checkmark, an audience and you can fire off this kind of stuff and get jobs. Of course agents, front office people, scouts, etc. are going to use these guys are a conduit of misinformation. And the blue checks are more than happy to just fire off this nonsense to make them seem like the smartest people in the room. Meanwhile, I’ll just be over here analyzing my garden and laughing at the fools who eat up this nonsense.

Never forget what Peter King put out:

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