Nick Saban Has Hip Surgery, Can’t Wait To Throw Away Cane

Nick Saban, 67, doesn’t have time for this getting old stuff that gets in the way of going out and signing a slew of 5-stars just waiting to become his next crop of future NFL guys who will keep the Alabama football machine churning along for the university. Nick really isn’t in the mood to deal with this hip replacement surgery he had this week that has cost him less than 48-hours of office time, which is an eternity for a coach making about $8.3 million a year.

Just think of what’s going through Nick’s mind in late April as he sits at home with this stupid hip thing going on. Poor Ms. Terry, she had to live with that man in their house like a normal couple while he was in a foul mood. Must’ve been horrible for Ms. Terry.


“I had one day on the walker,” he said. “Now I’m on the cane. I’ll probably throw that (SOB) away tomorrow.

How long until the doctors stop harassing him with rules and regulations?

“I think in two weeks, I will be 100 percent,” he said. “They won’t let me play golf for six weeks for some reason, but I am going to try and get that reduced.”

I get this mentality. Nick’s probably like my dad. It’s worse sitting in the house than working. Work is relaxation, sitting in the house is torture. Retirement is not an option. Work, work, work. Retirement is for people who are settling in for death. Nick’s clearly in a foul mood thinking about how he’s going to compete with Duke, minus Daniel Jones, in Atlanta on Labor Day weekend. Must drive him crazy.

That schedule is looking a little crazy for Nick. He has four true road games. Going to be a real grind.

Look at this guy using a golf umbrella instead of an old man cane:

via Alabama IG Story

While I’m at it, look how they deliver cars from Nick Saban’s Mercedes dealership:

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