Turns Out The Orlando Easter Bunny Is Wanted By New Jersey Cops

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Since it’s Florida, specifically downtown Orlando where the weird go to get weirder, there’s more to the Easter Bunny beatdown story and it involves the guy wearing the bunny costume. Turns out he’s wanted by New Jersey cops for car burglaries. You didn’t think it was some normal guy who worked at a local Chevy dealership under there, did you? If so, you’re new to the whole Florida game where things are never normal.

That’s Antoine McDonald, 20, of Franklin, New Jersey acting as a good guy Easter Bunny going after a guy who allegedly spit on a woman at a downtown Orlando bar.


From the Bridgewater Courier News:

McDonald is no stranger to the law. He is wanted in connection with a South Brunswick car burglary last year, but the man dressed as the Easter Bunny has been on the lam.

South Brunswick police had sought the public’s help in locating McDonald, who was not wearing an Easter Bunny costume, in connection with a car burglary in the Summerfield Development on Sept. 1, 2018.

At the time, township police reported surveillance cameras showed McDonald and an accomplice entering an unlocked car and rummaged through the center console.

Bad Bunny is now up to almost 10,000 Instagram followers and was still posting as of eight hours ago even though the New Jersey fuzz is after him.



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