Orlando Easter Bunny Bonged A Beer, Danced With The Ladies & Got In A Street Fight

via Instagram

The big story this morning is how the Easter Bunny got in a fight in downtown Orlando, a place that needs to be experienced to be believed. For those who’ve never been to downtown Orlando, it’s the best of Florida Man being Florida Man. The level of degenerate in downtown Orlando is off the charts and mixes well with those in town for sporting events, conferences, etc. It’s where the vagrants hang at trash cans and drug addicts come to do transactions.

Remember a couple years ago the night Trump won when I sent Orlando Brandon into downtown Orlando and guys were trying to sell him drugs? Yeah, he was lucky to not get shot that night. It’s been about three years since I was in downtown Orlando for a Captain Morgan event where they shot a guy out of a cannon along Wall Street. I got a full dose of Orlando that weekend and I’m pretty sure I was only there to party for one night.

Anyway, someone showed up to the Underground Public House, about a block from Wall Street, last night to celebrate Easter and have some fun. It looks like the Bunny hammered a bong, hopped up on the ladies and then threw down outside the Underground in what will go down as one of the best Easter Bunny fights in Internet history.

It’s just the kind of content you have to appreciate out of Florida.




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