Browns Bud Light Victory Fridge Headed To Pro Football Hall of Fame

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The losing streak ended September 20, 2018 and the locks on the Bud Light victory fridges around Cleveland were removed and Cleveland fans sucked down those free beers and celebrated being winners again after Baker Mayfield came off the bench to end the Tyrod Taylor era and begin what is now a drive to a 2020 Super Bowl trip.

So what’s a Canton bar like Loby’s Bar & Grille to do with that Victory Fridge now that it’s outdated and represents a sad era in Browns football history? Of course they sent it down the road to the Pro Football Hall of Fame so generations of Browns fans will never forget where they came from once Baker is hoisting trophies like Tom Brady. There’s going to be a whole generation of Browns babies popping out over the next year or so who’ll never know what their grandfathers and dads had to live through. That’s why it’s important to preserve history by putting this fridge into the HOF. Humble the next generation.

I’m told by the Pro Football HOF that the fridge will be in the Pro Football Today Gallery where current items are on display.

Never forget those fridges opening around NE Ohio that night Baker saved the franchise:


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