Brooks Koepka Shows Off His New Body With Topless Jena Sims On His Lap In The Virgin Islands

Brooks Koepka wasted little time showing off the new body after losing 24 pounds or whatever the number was that the national media focused on at the Masters. That’s Brooks and girlfriend Jena Sims today destroying the Virgin Islands looking like a couple of chiseled content machines. The story at the Masters — before Koepka teed off Thursday — was, according to Brandel Chamblee, that Brooks had lost too much weight for a vanity photoshoot (ESPN’s Body Issue?) and it was destroying his game.

Then Koepka went out, finished -12 (T-2) and a shot behind Tiger Woods, plus had a chance to get Tiger to the playoff. That kinda destroys the ‘lost too much weight’ argument hot take. Now we have the guy going out here and dunking on Chamblee with a quick little trip to the tropics so Jena can assume the position on the back-to-back U.S. Open champ’s lap.

Guys, it doesn’t get much better than this in the dunking on your hater’s head than this right here. The guns are starting to take shape. The tan is looking perfect. The legs are clearly in Body Issue shape and I have to assume the abs are popping. Oh, and Jena’s looking decent like usual.

Thank god for Brooks Koepka and Jena Sims for keeping things interesting. These two are a treasure.

via IG Story/Jena Sims via IG Story/Jena Sims
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