Kangaroo Goes Nuts At Candy Shop Mansion, Ruins Travers Beynon Photoshoot With Models











I have no idea how this is the first time I’ve heard about this Travers Beynon guy over in Australia who is their version of Dan Bilzerian and doing the whole models, cars, wealth & incredible lifestyle that looks amazing on Instagram. Travers is known as the guy who is living a polygamous lifestyle — must be legal in Australia — and raising his kids at the same time. I spent about five seconds on his IGs and instantly tried to figure out if Bilzerian or Beynon came up with this character first.

Anyway, Beynon and his Candy Shop Mansion are in the news this week after a kangaroo got all pissed off during a photoshoot and started chasing Benyon’s models, one going as far as jumping into the pool to escape the wrath. That simple video was turned into a Storyful post and then that was snapped up by TV stations around the world who knew a click on Facebook when they saw one.

The kangaroo attack isn’t that great, but I’m glad it was publicized because now I’m following Travers.


But the TV stations didn’t go deeper and look into this Beynon character who is putting on a wild show for Instagram followers who are miserable living with a wife they can’t stand and working at a horrible job because it pays the bills. What I’ve learned about Travers is that he’s 47, supposedly runs a tobacco empire and is pretty much a #MeToo nightmare.There are photos on his private jet of Travers holding a leash that’s around a woman’s neck and there’s another pic of Travers eating sushi off a woman’s ass. It’s like the Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous circa 2019 and Travers keeps finding new angles of pumping out content.



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