Golf Channel’s Alexandra O’Laughlin Poised To Be Breakout Star Of 2019

Aren’t familiar with Golf Channel’s Alexandra O’Laughlin? That should end right now because you’re looking at the next huge hire for one of the big networks when she hits the free agent market and 2019 — after a couple years getting her feet wet in the golf media world — is going to be the year that O’Laughlin becomes a huge star and don’t be shocked if a CBS or maybe Fox Sports makes a run at the Golf Channel correspondent. Trust me, I’ve been at this for a couple of years and can pretty much tell which correspondents will turn into stars.

O’Laughlin, who has a long background in modeling and golf, is going to be a star in an industry that’s had a difficult time finding the next star. Just follow along with her Instagram for a couple weeks and you’ll see. Young, model, pumping out constant streams of content…this all adds up. It helps, according to, that she played college golf and averaged an 84.

The IG is a month or so from going over 100k, the brands should be pouring in now and then come the bigger job offers. Fox broadcasts seem like the logical next steps — they’re working under a 12-year contract with the USGA to broadcast the U.S. Open and that started in 2015. That means you hire O’Laughlin and make her your way younger Erin Andrews. Then in like two years she takes Erin’s DWTS job too.

Get on the O’Laughlin train. It’s leaving the station in 2019. Mark my words.

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