Meet Viola Brand – Bicycle Artistic Rider

My favorite days around here are when things like Russians slapping each other shows up in my DMs. I’m into the weird European stuff we don’t see and so when a BC content scout DM’d me over on IG about a Euro bicycle trick rider named Viola Brand, I knew this was the kind of content that you guys would appreciate. You guys are sitting at work, all bored, trying to waste time and you need to see things like Viola balancing on her bike.

A German native, Brand has built herself a solid 200k following by posting pics and videos of herself doing her bicycle routines and it seems like there’s a segment of Europe that loves bicycle trick riding. This isn’t some X-Games stuff that ESPN pumps out. I watched a video where it looks like an America’s Got Talent sort of competition where Viola gets on stage and does her routine.

I’m telling you guys right now, Viola’s going to end up at NBA games like Red Panda. This post is going to get picked up and repurposed by a bunch of other sites and NBA marketing people are going to see it and bring Viola over. It might be too late in the year to get her into a playoff halftime, but there’s little doubt she’ll have a full schedule during the 2019-20 season.