Vols Fan Needs This Tailgating Trailer With Toilet & Kegerator

I’ve said it time and time again after going out into the tailgating world and examining how things are done: You must have a toilet in your tailgating trailer or whatever you’re taking to the lots. I’ve told you guys a couple times about the time I went to the Muni Lot in Cleveland and how the one guy made a trailer with a bar on the front and a bathroom on the back of the trailer. His friends/people connected to the tailgate had wristbands to drink and use the toilet. Trust me, your wife or girlfriend will love it.

Anyway, that brings me to this 2014 Tennessee Vols toy hauler turned into a tailgating beast that features the half-bath, full fridge, two basic TVs, the massive TV, the Kegerator, etc. Look at all the space it leaves you for stools, a couch, maybe even an air mattress for those long roadies into Florida where you want to sleep off the drunkenness.

From the seller:

Get ready to have the ultimate tailgating experience with this NEW 2014 Livin-Lite TG7X24 Toy Hauler!!

The seller has this one at $29,990 which might seem extreme, but once you get a few buddies in on the deal and those bathroom wristbands for their wives it’s a no brainer really. Think of how many years this thing will last compared to some RV that’s going to be an absolute mess. Offer $25,000, settle on $28,000 and you and five buddies are in business under $5k per person. Low maintenance, no engine that’s going to blow up, very little wiring. You’re golden for the next 15 years of Vols football.

*I don’t know the seller and am not on commission, but I should be for this free publicity.


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