Oklahoma State Baseball Mom Kathy Garcia Is A Party On Instagram












Now that Little BC is into sports nothing drives me crazier than the fake sports parents who come off like they are the holiest rollers in the history of holiest rollers. They’ll drop 3-4 Bible verses on Facebook one week and the next you run into them at the Mexican bar where they’ve pounded four margs and are wasted. Or they’re secretly smoking a little doob on the side just to get through the week. You know the fake parents I’m talking about. They look at those of us who are having fun and wish they could release themselves from this fake, miserable life they’re leading with all these Bible verses.

That brings me to Kathy Garcia, who has a son playing on the Oklahoma State baseball team. A BC follower sent me her Instagram this weekend and told me to take a look at the best life Kathy is openly living on Instagram. Yes, she does things like go to Dodgers Stadium to see her son play and be all respectable, but at least she’s not locking down that IG where she’s living it up. Good for Kathy.

See, I can respect that. Kathy works her ass off in the gym and damn right she’s going to show it off. God created Instagram for food pics and bikini shots. Kathy went out and attacked the bikini division and it doesn’t matter if someone within the college baseball community doesn’t like it, Kathy is going to be Kathy.

That’s why I’m designating Kathy ‘The Real IG OG of College Baseball Parents – 2019.’ Of course she has to deal with other parents who jet in to see their son play big time college baseball. Of course Kathy has to deal with country club baseball parents who look at Kathy and think she’s not on their level. Guess which parents I’m hanging out with? The spiteful, secretly crushing pills to control their miserable lives parents or Kathy?

Damn right I’m rolling with Kathy.



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