Charley Casserly: Cowboys Threw The Ball Too Much To Dez Bryant Last Year

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Charley Casserly has had a strong offseason — did this guy get a vacation after the Super Bowl? — that has included him ripping Kyler Murray’s Combine interview skills and now he thinks the Dallas Cowboys threw the ball to Dez Bryant too much last year. As you probably remember, Dez Bryant was cut in April, then had the tough break with the Saints where he blew out his achilles tendon during practice and never played a down during the regular season.

But ol Charley is going to die on this hill and keep proving that he’s the smartest guy in the room. Did anyone ever think that Charley Casserly and Bill Polian are the same person? Swear I’ve never seen these two in the same room. Just a couple of INsiders® you can trust with your football information. Just throwing out clips like this one from Charley:

Of course there was also the Charley vs. Kyler Murray nonsense where Charley went after Kyler after being told by teams that Murray didn’t do well during interviews. You know, just throwing things out there that teams want in the public domain to bash a guy down a couple of spots. This is where I tell you that Charley has a Combine interview prep business. Kyler didn’t use Charlie’s services. Full disclosure, of course.

And yet NFL Network keeps trotting out a guy whose best days were before several of you were even born. I’m going out on a limb here and saying that there are a few former GM types out there who have a better understanding of the league in 2019 than this guy. You hate to tell a guy it’s over, but it’s time.

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