Bill Belichick Takes Photo Of Girlfriend Linda For Her Instagram

I guess Bill Belichick and girlfriend Linda got a couple of extra days of vacation in this weekend because Linda let the world know that it was Bill working the iPhone for this IG Story shot of his girlfriend crushing the beach on the couple’s getaway. The two are trying to get in that alone time before Bill has to head back out on the road to hit up a bunch of pro days where he can scare other teams into thinking they should take a guy in the first couple rounds, meanwhile Hoodie actually has his eyes on the slow white guy standing over by himself and then drafts that guy in the 7th round & turns him into a Super Bowl champion.

From what I can tell via the IG Story, it appears Bill & Linda spent the weekend in Barbados. Imagine this life for Hoodie…orders up a private jet (no way he’s flying commercial, I don’t care how ordinary he comes off)…tells Linda her job is to just be hott AF for 3 days or so and they go have the time of their lives.

Ever notice how much Belichick smiles during the offseason? Don’t let this guy fool you, he’s having a great life. He just has to go into Hoodie mode around the media. At this point he couldn’t possibly end the Hoodie mode.

via Instagram Story

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