Charley Casserly Says Kyler Murray Was ‘Not Good’ At Combine

via NFL Network

Here we gooooooooo with the smoke screens out of the NFL as someone has told Charlie Casserly that Kyler Murray’s board work was “below not good.” Charlie made sure to add that Murray better hope Kliff Kingsbury takes him at No. 1 over all because it could be bad news from there in the Draft.

It’s funny SZN. Smoke screens everywhere you look. Teams trying to get news out into the public to affect draft stock and positioning. Mind games for days. Now comes swinging dicc Charlie to do work for someone out there who needs Murray to fall in the Draft. The Raiders? Mike Mayock?

Charlie goes on:

Now it doesn’t take a Twitter brain surgeon to know that it hasn’t been a great two months or so for Murray who has been caught in a baseball vs. football pickle, but now it’s 100% football and his worst moment should’ve been when he wouldn’t answer a question out of Dan Patrick.

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