Buy This 1988 Phillies Phan Van For Tailgating This Summer

Just think of all the…things…this 1988 Ford Econoline Phillies Phan Van has seen in its. day. I’m picturing bodies piled up in the back of that thing. Look at the pics and tell me this thing couldn’t be used for a mafia movie this weekend. Of course it can. And it can be yours for just $3,250 if you’re looking to get into the Phillies tailgating scene now that Bryce Harper is signed for 13 years.

There’s no better way to either scar women away or intrigue women than pulling up to Citizens Bank or whatever they’re calling it these days in this sweet beast. The good news here is that you can’t possibly hurt this van. It’s seen some things.

From the seller:

phillies phan van, 1988 Econoline 150, if you are a phillies fan or a phanatic fan this E150 is for you, tailgating, camping out,302 automatic, 160K,  New tires, new front brakes, new battery, runs and rides phantastic!
Could be a great work van, with a little paint.

Work van? I don’t think so. That would be wasting the abilities of this bad boy. You get 5-6 of your friends together, get wasted (one stays sober) and you have the summer of your lives in this thing. Then, at the end of the summer after the Phillies lose in the wild card game, you push it off a cliff in the Poconos.


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