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I trust a Dan Patrick source more than I trust a Charley Casserly source

From Pro Football Talk:

When quarterback Kyler Murray sprouted from under 5’10” in August to over 5’10” in February, eyebrows were raised. I joked that maybe he spent 48 hours in a zero-gravity chamber before coming to the Combine.

In the eyes of some, maybe it wasn’t a joke.

I think that his height was inflated,’” an unnamed scout told Dan Patrick on Tuesday, and Dan relayed the story on the Wednesday edition of his show. “‘Maybe it’s the tin-foil hat theory. I just don’t see it. If he refuses to be measured at the Pro Day, that will be telling.’”

Is there a way to stretch out the human body just before a height measurement? I wouldn’t put it past handlers to think of things like this, but at this point does it really matter if Kyler Murray is 5’9″ or 5’10”? I’m just going off the Alabama game here and I just don’t think he looked comfortable against the bigger and better defense than anything he’d faced in the Big 12. And then I’d have to go back and watch, but there’s talk that he used a 10-step drop. I’m not a football expert, but I think that’s to give the QB a better view of the field away from the linemen. Again, I’m not the expert here. I’d go back to that Dan Patrick interview he did at the Super Bowl — that looked like a confused guy in his early 20s that is getting 40 different things pumped into his head.

Could I see the guy falling out of love with football after the stardom wears off a little bit? Yep. Do the Cardinals turn into the Browns if they take him? I think so. Just a rotating quarterback situation. Again, I’m no expert. Do what you want here.

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