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Automated bartenders are coming to MGM resorts so waitresses can get you a drink faster & cheaper

From Vital Vegas:

Several sources inside MGM Resorts have confirmed the company will soon roll out automated cocktail dispensing machines in its service bars (also called “well bars”) in Las Vegas and across the country.

That’s right. All those stories you’ve heard about humans being replaced with robots is sort of coming true, and its happening by the end of August 2019, according to our sources.

You know how you’ll be sitting at a penny machine playing $5 per spin and you want a drink and want it now, but the bartender at the drink station is swamped and can’t pump out the drinks fast enough? Yeah, well we’re headed for those days being history because automated dispensing is coming and humans will soon be out of jobs at casinos thanks to these machines. It’s just a matter of time just like Vegas going to pay parking garages and those bastard resort fees.

Soon, your grandma and grandpa won’t be going to Vegas because there won’t be an affordable option for them to play nickel slots and get a buzz on.

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