Should LeBron Shut It Down?

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Poor LeBron. It just hasn’t worked out for him the way he would’ve liked it to work out in Los Angeles where he once again tried to trade away the existing team to get another superstar — Anthony Davis — that he would’ve low-key bullied on social media after things went south because the rest of the roster was filled with D-League call-ups. Now 30-34 through 64 games, there’s a chorus of ‘Shut it down, Bron Bron’ from the media elites who can’t take it anymore.

Myself, I hope Bron finishes out the season, every last one of the games. Give me all of it into April. I want him walking off the court early in the final game on April 9 at home against the Trailblazers, leaving his teammates to shake hands with a playoff team.

Frank Isola is on my team against the likes of Jay Williams who thinks Bron is working with injured body parts, but doesn’t seem to take into account that Bron, on March 1, looked pretty healthy while thrusting during practice. That groin seemed fine then.

There shouldn’t be a single media guy who gets paid via CONTENT that wants to see this guy pack it in and walk away from this team unless you’re just a straight up dicc rider then I could understand. There’s always some excuse out there even though Bron makes the rosters, figures out if the coach is the right guy, which teammates he’s going to allow on his team, etc.

Time to miss the playoffs like a man.

Don’t take the easy way out…try to finish over .500:

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