Gronk & Camille From Cabo – The Final Content Dump

It appears the 69-cation that Gronk and girlfriend Camille Kostek went on with Eric & Jessie James Decker has come to an end and it was just the content-generating machine we needed this time of year before March Madness officially kicks into gear. Camille has dumped out a bunch of Gronk outtakes to show just how fun it was for these two.

Now it’s about time to start talking about whether Gronk is done with football. Just look at how things are lining up for this guy. He’s still spending his marketing money, has a fortune in the bank, goes on fun AF vacations with his Sports Illustrated swimsuit model girlfriend that seems fun AF and turns 30 in May. I know, this guy has multiple lives ahead of him. I don’t have insider knowledge, but it just feels like Gronk is finished.

He’ll walk away a hall of famer at 30 and will then become the Shaq of marketing for NFL brands. This guy is literally going to die and never spend a single penny out of his NFL contracts. Absolutely incredible. As for these two, god bless them. We need them to keep crankin out that content because once Gronk walks, the NFL is going to become pretty damn boring.

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Here’s the video from Sunday that you guys appreciated:

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