Gronk Seems To Be Enjoying His 69-cation With Camille & The Deckers

Just think of all the 69’n going on down in Cabo this weekend where Gronk and girlfriend Camille Kostek are on a party-cation with a couple of other 69ers in Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker. I know, 69’n for DAYS. Things started off pretty slow for the party-cation on Friday, but now we’re all cranked up thanks to a Sunday Funday on a boat that included Camille assuming the position so Gronkster could get a feel for what he’s dealin’ with on Funday.

Here I had no idea that these couples ran in the same circle. I’ve been tracking Gronk & Team Jizz Blaster since pretty much the beginning & never once saw these 69ers hanging out until this trip. It’s refreshing, because the Jameses, as you know, are freaks and that allows our guy Gronk to relax and be himself.

Baker Mayfield, Saquon and Sterling Shepard had a nice quiet trip to Turks. Then along comes Gronk to show the young guns that he’s still the king in this department and now has a super fun girlfriend to take along for the ride. You might think Gronk is a giant meathead, but this guy just keeps racking up Ws along the way in life. The vacations just continue to be epic.

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