Meet Ariana James – Colombian Instagram Workout Star

I wasn’t a big fan of the new IG Discover function until I realized that now I learn about so many different Instagram workout models from around the world and Discover does all the work for me. I don’t even have to go searching for all these IG superstars, they’re literally a single click away. That’s how I ran into Colombian IG sensation Ariana James. One click, boom, check the profile and then I learned that not a single person I follow follows Ariana even though she’s sitting on 1.3 million followers.

That boggles the mind considering the fact that I follow a bunch of IG models because this is work and you guys demand that I follow a bunch of IG models. Anyway, that tells me that Ariana has yet to crack the U.S. market and this just might lead to her getting noticed here in the States and ultimately lead to dating a Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder or something like that.

Ariana, who clearly doesn’t miss abs day, arm day, glutes day, leg day, etc., does the whole IG Story workout video series thing. You’d think by now there would be a collapse of the industry, but the IG models just keep pumpin’ out those videos. I guess if you’re going to work the booty, you might as well put it on IG and see if it leads to a weight loss tea deal or something along those lines.

Time to add her to your IG list, maybe get inspired to lose a couple of lbs. before spring kicks in and get a look at how Colombian women do the whole IG thing.

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