Rachel Bush Raises The IG Game, Shoots With White Tiger & Snake

Rachel Bush has been fairly quiet since just after the Super Bowl when she was acting as a pillow for husband Jordan Poyer who was still recovering from a long brutal NFL season in Buffalo. The calendar turns over to March and things immediately changed. It appears, from over the weekend, that she’s officially turning up the pressure on IG models in 2019 by going out and doing a white tiger shoot for the content.

This shoot, from Secret Gardens Miami, is going to be used in an upcoming calendar, according to Rachel. She didn’t say whether this is going to be a 2020 calendar or a 2019 NFL season calendar. Still waiting on details as to if this will be a random calendar or how it will work.

It must be an animal calendar because Rachel also posted a pic with what looks like a Burmese python, but I’m not a snake expert so I’m sure one of you will correct me and give me its exact name and origin.

Rachel Bush with a white tiger for calendar shoot

via IG Story/Rachel Bush

Rachel also took time this weekend to enjoy Sunday Funday while you losers were sitting in your house avoiding snow: