Jordan Poyer Is Getting Plenty of Rest This Offseason Thanks To His Wife, Rachel Bush

I kept forgetting to post this one earlier in the week, like Wednesday, when Jordan Poyer was getting some rest, relaxation & Vitamin D thanks to his wife Rachel Bush and the glorious south Florida sunshine. It’s been a very quiet offseason so far for the Poyers who had a wild 2018 that included alleged side pieces and plenty of other drama that seems to have subsided as the family gets the 2019 offseason rolling.

You guys know how this goes: young couples go hard that first year and it tends to lead to drama. The marriage is fresh, the parties are still littttt and things get a little emotional. Then things settle down, you realize why you wanted to marry each other and you settle into the married life. That appears to be where we’re at with the Poyers and it’s good to see because we never want to see a social media power couple struggle because it affects the content that’s being produced.

Rachel is clearly indicating here that things are good. Jordan gets his body back in order after a long grind in Buffalo where he’s under contract in 2019 at $2,700,000. Let’s go to the local media to see what they think of Poyer in Buffalo:

For the second consecutive year, Poyer was arguably the better of the Bills’ two safeties, even if it is Hyde who receives more of the attention. Poyer’s per-16 game averages with Buffalo are excellent, as his “average” 16-game season with the Bills includes 100 combined tackles, five interceptions, ten passes defended, a fumble forced, a fumble recovered, two sacks, and seven tackles for loss. His contract is an incredibly friendly one for the franchise, and while I don’t agree with reworking deals that have multiple years left on them, he is someone to watch for in terms of receiving an early extension, especially if he continues his solid play throughout the beginning of next season.

In other words, Poyer’s not going anywhere, Buffalo.

via IG Story/Rachel Bush
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