Mackenzie Dipman Wants To Know If You Guys Want Sports Content From Her

I first heard about Mackenzie Dipman a year ago when she kicked off 2018 Spring Training with an old school Instagram baseball photoshoot that took me back to the early days of sports blogging when the Internet models understood the seasons. Now they just keep pumping out the same material as all the other IGs. Not Mackenzie. She seems to get it.

Now a year later, Mackenzie took to IG Story to ask a very important question that could change her trajectory on the social platform. She wants to know if you guys would be interested in her doing more sports content on her page. I didn’t even click, I assume sports is winning big.

Name an IG superstar out there that consistently does the sports thing – you can’t. Meanwhile, the Coyotes are battling for a playoff spot and are primed for Mackenzie to be on that glass behind the bench during the stretch run. I’ve seen ladies go from living a normal life to instant celebrities during a playoff run. Think of Front Row Amy. Buy her seat when she’s not going to a game and she’ll send you a signed 8X10.

I’m suggesting Mackenzie dive into the sports field, hit up a couple games a week, really get out there and make herself a face of sports in Phoenix. You can always go back to the basic IG lifestyle.

via IG Story

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