Kenzie O’Connell Hits Driver Off The Top Of Golf Cart

It’s been nearly two years since we last checked in with McKenzie O’Connell and not much has changed with her besides dropping the ‘Mc’ from her first name on Instagram. Now going by Kenzie O’Connell, she’s still hitting crazy shots for the IG, including a recent shot off the top of a golf cart while the ball was on a water bottle. Think about how many times you’ve seen a shot like this on social media — next to never because a guy is probably going through that roof and then there’s going to be a big time fine from the golf course.

Here’s the bio for Kenzie if you’re not familiar with her game:

I am a small town Irish girl born and raised in Sidney, Nebraska. I was introduced to golf at the age of five and I did not immediately take to the game. However, my parents were extremely good and competitive with the game of golf. Thanks to their undying passion for the game, they recognized that I had potential for becoming competitive. At the age of eleven, while competing against high school girls in a summer league, I was featured in a newspaper article. The reporter captured me hitting a shot that landed two feet from the cup for a birdie. That specific photo made the front page and it was a major contributor in furthering my passion for the game of golf.

She’s done some work for Golf Channel and does most of her work at pro-ams across the country all summer. I know, it’s your dream life just jetting off to random tournaments and hitting driver off a cart roof. Kinda want to see you guys do your best Kenzie impression off a roof this year.

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