Let's Meet Our New Favorite Hot Golfer — McKenzie O'Connell










It’s a great time of the year. The weather is nice, the Masters are just around the corner, and new hot golfers are coming out of the woodwork. It all started with Paige Spiranac and now ever since, right around spring time we start seeing newer and hotter IG golf girls ready to get discovered.
So let’s meet McKenzie. She’s based out of Denver where it looks like she’s a local golf coach and model. Coming in at almost 60,000 IG followers, you can tell by taking one look at her page that she definitely knows how to promote herself.
Here’s┬áher bio from GolfMDs.com:

I am a small town Irish girl born and raised in Sidney, Nebraska. I was introduced to golf at the age of five and I did not immediately take to the game. However, my parents were extremely good and competitive with the game of golf. Thanks to their undying passion for the game, they recognized that I had potential for becoming competitive. At the age of eleven, while competing against high school girls in a summer league, I was featured in a newspaper article. The reporter captured me hitting a shot that landed two feet from the cup for a birdie. That specific photo made the front page and it was a major contributor in furthering my passion for the game of golf.
My mother was an assistant professional at our local course and she was also my high school coach. I was provided with an opportunity to become an elite golfer within the state of Nebraska. While in high school, at the age of fourteen, I won the district title. I shot a 76 on my home course to qualify and lead my team to the state tournament. While in high school I compiled numerous wins in school and summer tournaments.
I then opted to begin a career on the LPGA circuit where I travelled and played in events nationally and internationally. I am also passionately involved with an organization, Women With Drive, that promotes the game of golf for women. Currently, I am an instructor and I continue to advance the game of golf with my ability to teach.

She may not be on the tour, but this chick can play.





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